Thursday, August 14, 2008

TLR: the Texas Leadership Revolution

America desperately needs better leaders. We need leaders truly grounded in morality, having a real sense for justice and civic virtue.

America needs common moral ground. To avoid religious divisiveness, I searched for a system of secular ethics that could serve as a common moral ground for the multicultural society we have today. I believe Confucianism is a good candidate. Confucianism is a philosophical movement, not a religion. I have discovered that Texans find it difficult to consider Confucianism, so I have been studying Stoicism.

I believe Cicero's book, On Duties (De Officiis) has much to offer us. Consider this quote from the reviewer at In "On Duties," Cicero drives a dagger in the heart of today's ills.

TLR, the Texas Leadership Revolution depends on moral leaders. And I don't mean frauds who tell fake stories about walking on the beach with Billy Graham, I mean men and women who manifest the leadership described by Cicero in his book, On Duties.

Robert Canright

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