Sunday, March 02, 2008

Leadership Crisis in America: February, Part 2, Killer Leaders

Adrianne Jones, a 16 year old Texan girl was murdered in 1995 by a boy, David Graham, from the Air Force Academy and a girl, Diane Zamora, from the Naval Academy. The Dallas Morning News in "David Graham full of remorse" by Debra Dennis, Feb. 10, 2008, reported that Zamora bragged to class mates that her boyfriend murdered a girl for her. One of her classmates turned her in. Now Graham and Zamora are serving life sentences in prison.

But what if her classmates had said, "cool," instead of turning her in? That day could come. Already we have had murderers enrolled in two service academies. What if there are students now in the academies who will kill to get ahead? I do mean literally murder someone for personal advancement.

We have so many kids in America going nuts and killing other kids that it is simply a matter of time before we have kids with this kind of killer mentality in the academies again, or in the boardroom in a Fortune 500 company, or in a Washington agency.

Oliver Stone in the movie JFK suggested the CIA might have been involved in the murder of John Kennedy. It might be true.

Vincent Foster died under suspicious circumstances in the Clinton White House. It is a fact that "the White House and Hillary Clinton in particular handled Foster's files and documents immediately after his death [and] became an issue of much investigation itself."

Germany was an educated, cultured nation when Adolph Hitler and his band of murderers got into power. Something like this could happen in America. This is why we have films out now like Michael Clayton, about a corporate executive committing murder, and Absolute Power, about a US President committing murder.

You might have heard me say "morality is the root of education." If you do not pay attention to morality, then you will be like Harvard, accepting Jeff Skilling and giving him the opportunity to commit massive fraud.

Simple fraud that destroys a couple of companies and ruins the lives of thousands of people pales in comparison to complex fraud, like the sub-prime mortgage swindle, that can push the entire nation into recession.

And all this financial swindling pales in comparison to the threat of having murderers in high positions of power. It might have already happened, but can we survive as a democracy if it happens again?

Killer leaders might be in our future if we continue to promote people without regard to their character.


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