Monday, July 02, 2007

Leadership Crisis in Texas Education

In 2007 the Texas State Legislature decided to replace the unpopular TAKS test with End of Course Exams. The End of Course exams were such a failure in the past that the State of Texas replaced them with the TAAS tests.

The TAAS tests were so easy they were replaced with the TAKS test. I used to be a math teacher and I think the TAKS tests did a fair job of measuring students' learning the state mandidated curriculum.

I think there are some problems both with the curriculum and with the way it is implemented. I know there are problems in communities that are reflected in poor preformance.

The State of Texas needed to tackle the problems with the curriculum and the problems with failing schools. When the State Legislature chose to replace the test without examining the problems, it avoided facing problems.

Running away from problems is what failing leaders do. Changing tests without facing the root causes of the failures is another example of the leadership crisis facing America.


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