Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Heck of A Job" by Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher's column, "Heck of a Job", in the Sunday 6/10/07 Dallas Morning News did a wonderful job of addressing the incompetence of our current leadership.

I have been discussing our leadership crisis, and Mr. Dreher was good enough to say Paul Wolfowitz was incompetent and Dick Cheney and Condi Rice are failures with Iraq. He described their performance as incompetent hackery and he called this administration a "hackocracy." I recommend his article for your consideration.

Americans need to discuss the failings of our leaders and to demand better performance.

I mentioned this also in my blog, Education for the 21st Century.

The Timeless Way is an American interpretation of Confucianism, which has a lot to say about leadership.

Good leadership is a moral issue.


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