Tuesday, May 01, 2007

America's Leadership Crisis of the Week

The Wall Street Journal on Friday April 27, 2007, reported that Marilee Jones, a dean at M.I.T., was forced to resign after it was discovered she had lied on her resume when she went to work at M.I.T. She claimed college degrees she did not have. Apparently, she never graduated from any college.

There is not a week when we do not have a report of a leader in business or government in a scandal.

We have a leadership crisis.

Lee Iacocca, the former Chairman of Chrysler, has just published a book, "Where Have All the Leaders Gone."

One of the political parties claimed to embrace family values, but has been tarnished with many scandals: a Congressman who is a pedophile, a Congressional leader who covered up for him, Paul Wolfowitz, who worked for Bush, gave special treatment to his girl-friend, a State Department executive was caught using call girls.

Political parties are part of the problem of poor leadership.

Where is the solution? It is with you and me and our children.

We must set the standards.


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